Do you know how to get out of the home in case of fire?

Plan your Escape Route in case of a fire before you need to use it!

Planned escape routes are a necessity, especially if a fire were to occur during the night. Go through each room in your house and think about the possible exits. You should have in your mind two escape routes from each room, in case one is blocked by fire. Inspect the room to make sure that furniture and other objects are not blocking doorways or windows. Make sure that the windows in every room are easy to open and are not painted over or nailed shut — remember, these may be your only way out in a fire. Choose a meeting place that is safely away from your home and make sure that every family member knows where this spot is. Practice fire drills often, especially with young children to make sure they remember. Practicing with each season change is a good idea in order to reinforce the routine.

If you live in an apartment building, make sure that any safety bars on windows are removable in an emergency. Be sure that you know the locations of the closest stairwells or fire escapes and where they lead.

If your house is more than one story tall or if you live above the ground floor of an apartment building, an escape ladder is an important safety feature. You should have one escape ladder made of fire-safe material (aluminum, not rope) in each upper-story bedroom that is occupied by a person who is capable of using it.

Like fire extinguishers, escape ladders should be operated by adults only. The ladder must be approved by an independent testing laboratory, its length must be appropriate for your home, and it must support the weight of the heaviest adult in the house.

Be sure any babysitters in your home know all escape routes
and plans in case of a fire.


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