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For more than 70 years the Robertson Fire Protection District has proudly served our community by providing
quality fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.
We will continue to do so despite the efforts by the leadership of the City of Hazelwood.

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The City of Hazelwood continues to withhold a payment of more than $3 million that is due to the Robertson Fire Protection District (RFPD) for providing fire, emergency rescue, and emergency medical services to RFPD residents who live within the City of Hazelwood. This funding is now six-months past due and is needed to keep the community safe.

In December 2017 the City of Hazelwood initiated the need for legal action by RFPD when the City Council passed a resolution that attempted to terminate the 1995 Fire Service Agreement between the Fire District and City.

By not making this payment, and trying to cut ties with the Fire District, the City of Hazelwood is breaking state law and blatantly ignoring a court order and legal agreement that have been in place for more than 20 years.

Since December 2017, RFPD has been working with legal counsel to force the City of Hazelwood to comply with the agreement and provide the appropriate funding to the District.

As these challenges are handled by the justice system, we will continue to provide our residents with the quality emergency services they deserve, despite the efforts of the City of Hazelwood. We are also meeting with financial experts to plan for the future as the legal process continues.

We believe our residents, and the community as a whole deserve to know the entire story and learn the facts of the situation. We encourage you to take some time to review the information we have provided on our website and let us know if you have any questions by calling the District's attorney Charles H. Billings at 314-646-0066.

The Challenge

Since the City of Hazelwood was founded we have worked to develop a partnership. The City's inflexibility has made this a struggle. 

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The Agreement

The Fire Service Agreement is a contract between the City of Hazelwood and the Robertson Fire Protection District (RFPD), it was started in April of 1995.

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The History

In 1949 The Robertson Fire Protection District was formed. In 1969 Hazelwood became a city and started annexing land to build a robust tax base.

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The Finances

The Robertson Fire Protection District is mainly funded by local property taxes and revenue from a Fire Service Agreement with the City of Hazelwood.

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