Fire Ground Survival Training

In the fire service, firefighters must be ready for anything and everything — you never know what the next call will be.

With this in mind, the Robertson Fire Protection District (RFPD) is always looking to keep its firefighters sharp in all aspects of the fire service.

In February 2018, the RFPD hosted a rigorous training program called “Fire Ground Survival.” This is essentially a “worst-case scenario” training program, held at the training maze at RFPD Station 2, that was designed to test a firefighter’s ability to escape a hazardous environment if they get separated from their crew.

“Fire Ground Survival” training consisted of many parts, including finding your air pack in a zero-visibility environment and donning the pack, breaching a wall, a wire entanglement prop, a window bail-out drill, and following the hose line out of the structure. This is very difficult training, but it is excellent training because it encompasses all of the skills a firefighter must have to escape a life or death situation.