Permits & Forms


Building Permits

For construction projects including demolition and new construction, exterior or interior alterations or fire damage repair. Also includes projects involving a fireplace, fire protection system, range hood or wood stove.

$100 plus $4 for each $1,000 of project cost.


Occupancy Permits

For new business occupants.



New Business Information

Provide the Fire District with emergency contact information for your new business.


Codes & Ordinances

Architecture blueprints. Some building plans are spread flat on a surface, while others are rolled up and stacked with copy space.

The Robertson Fire Protection District follows the 2015 version of the International Code Council International Fire and Building Codes along with certain modifications, which can be found by clicking on the links below. These updated codes went into effect on May 1, 2018 within the District.

Knox Box Rapid Entry System

The Knox Box rapid entry system is a specialized set of lock boxes, switches, padlocks and more that gives the fire department access to a property in an emergency situation. Click here for details.

Fire Reports

Fire reports are available for $15 from the Office of the Fire Marshal by calling (314) 291-6671.