Lawsuit Filed To Remove Robertson Fire Protection District Director Recall Vote From Nov. 8 Ballot Because of Petition Signatures Obtained Fraudulently

According to a lawsuit filed in St. Louis County on Aug. 17, 143 people signed affidavits to remove their signatures from petitions to recall the Robertson Fire Protection District (RFPD) board of directors. The residents say they were misled about the reason for the petition and what they were signing.

More than 20% of those who signed the petition want their signatures removed. If they are removed, there will not be enough signatures to hold the Nov. 8 election to recall the board members. The lawsuit was filed by all three members of the RFPD Board of Directors and resident Gabriella Phillips, who filed both individually and on behalf of the registered voters of the RFPD who wish to remove their signatures.

According to the suit, the Board of Elections did not investigate or determine if fraud occurred when the recall signatures were gathered. Instead, they only considered that the required number of signatures were present.

In May, a notice of intent to recall members of the RFPD board of directors was filed. Throughout the summer, three petitions were circulated to recall the current board members. On July 18, the board of elections certified the petitions citing that the proponents of the recall gathered above the minimum amount required to initiate a recall election. The board of elections placed the recall election of the three fire district board members on Nov. 8. If the court removes the 143 signatures, the number of required signatures falls below the minimum amount and the Nov. 8 election will not occur.