The Challenge


For nearly 70 years the goal of the Robertson Fire Protection District has been to keep the community safe. The City of Hazelwood is making this increasingly difficult by not making payments that they are contractually obligated to make.

Since the City of Hazelwood was founded in the 1960s we have worked to develop a partnership to provide the highest quality emergency services to the residents and businesses in our community. The City of Hazelwood’s inflexibility has made this a struggle since the beginning. Over the years, they have required multiple elections and court proceedings that have resulted in the finding that the Robertson Fire Protection District should be providing fire protection, emergency service and ambulance service to the residents of the Fire District.

Without the funding from the City of Hazelwood that has been approved by voters, the courts and municipal commissions, we can’t perform our contractual obligations to provide emergency services to the community.

As a fire district, our only mission is to provide quality emergency services to our community and the safety of all our residents and our community is our primary goal and our biggest concern. As an independent entity, our mission is not clouded by other city issues. Decisions are made by those dedicated to your safety, not a City Manager or other city officials who have multiple areas to serve.

In December 2017 the City of Hazelwood passed a resolution canceling the 1995 Fire Service Agreement. This action forced the Robertson Fire Protection District to take legal action to ensure funding is available to provide emergency services. There are currently two petitions filed with the St. Louis County Courts to enforce the provisions of the Fire Service Agreement and State Statute (MO 72.418).

Despite the efforts of the City of Hazelwood, we are working to continue to provide you with the quality emergency services you deserve.

We believe our residents, and the community as a whole deserve to know the whole story and learn the facts of the situation. We encourage you to take some time to review the information we have provided and let us know if you have any questions by calling Chief Maynard Howell at (314) 291-6671.